Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nursery Update

Howdy, folks! First, please let me apologize for my lack of updates recently on the blog. People aren't lying when they say that the closer a baby's due date gets, the busier you get! But we're finally getting around to all those little things that we've been putting off forever, and I gotta say that it feels pretty good to finally be crossing some of those things off our huge to-do list (that never seems to end).

So - are you ready for a nursery progress/update on this room? Just like the last few posts about this room, we're not 100% done, but we're getting super-close now! It's almost done - just a couple more projects and we'll be calling this room finished - hopefully just in time for the little guy's arrival!

Here is our baby boy's whimsical nursery thus far:

Lookin' pretty good, right? Once we get completely done in here, I'll go into more details on our DIY projects, the total cost of the room, as well as telling you the story of some of the heirloom items in here and why they are so special - so stay tuned!
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  1. I love it! The bunting is adorable - I may have babies just so I can have bunting around and not feel like a child myself - okay that's a lie, I'll put it up anyway! I think the pops of color are making a lot of sense now with all the neutral colors, too, which is awesome!


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