Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Tissue Paper Poms Poms

I've seen these floating around the blogosphere, and I couldn't help but think of how perfect they would be in a nursery! Cheap, easy, and they would fit our "whimsical" theme perfectly!

First I gathered up some supplies. I bought some packs of tissue paper in different colors (although in the end I just ended up using the white ones - the others all went back to the store), some white floral wire, and some clear fishing-line type stuff.

I gathered about 10 sheets of tissue paper and rolled them accordion-style into about 1 inch sections.

Then I tied a piece of floral wire around the middle.

And then I used some sturdy scissors to make the ends more rounded - you can make them pointy or any shape you want for different looks, though. I liked the rounded edges because I thought it made them look more like clouds and less like flowers, which was my goal (since this is for a little boys' nursery).

Then while holding the middle, slowly and gently start separating the layers of tissue paper.

Keep going and eventually you'll end up with a pom-pom!

To hang it, we simply make a little hook out of the floral wire and used the clear fishing-line stuff to hang it from the ceiling (we used little hooks in the ceiling).

Easy, cheap and fun! We decided to hang them above the changing table, to hopefully distract the little guy during diaper changes (we're crossing our fingers that they end up actually mesmerizing him instead of becoming little targets for him to aim for, haha!). We love how well they go with the room, and really add a fun but whimsical element to the whole thing.

And as a total-accident-but-bonus that we love, when the air kicks on or we walk by or we turn the little guys' room fan on, they spin around! How sweet is that? It's like a mobile... but without all the winding and batteries. Score.

Stay tuned for a full-room progress update soon!

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  1. Love them. So sweet! Little guy should be totally mesmerized by them.

    I made a bunch of different sizes of pompoms for my little girls birthday - you can see them on my most recent blog post. The larger ones were hung from the ceiling over the cake table. I made little ones about 4 inches in diameter and attached them to the ends of some bamboo shoots that i picked from our wild bamboo. Simple and cheap floral arrangement that lasted a lot longer than real flowers would last.

    I loved the pompoms hanging from the ceiling so much, it took me almost a month to take them down.

  2. So very cute!! I love it! And what a good place to put them! You could also try to keep a few little things nearby that he can only have during diaper changes to help hold his attention! I usually resort to throwing whatever contraband item is nearby at my little one, ha ha! :)

  3. Very cute! I love the white..fluffy and airy! I've made them for parties and then hate to get rid of them afterwards. I need to find a place where I can hang them all the time.


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