Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Painting the Nursery - Part 1

Did you have a lovely Labor Day weekend? We did, although we really took the word "labor" to heart!

In case you haven't already guessed, the big project of the weekend was painting the nursery! And incredibly enough, it actually took us (or rather Tom and his awesome Mom) all three days to paint the room! Yep, we sure had a Labor-ful weekend, that's for sure.

On Saturday we spent a good chunk of time just prepping the room - which always, no matter how hard I try, takes much longer than I originally thought. But then again, that same rule applies to just about every single home improvement project we tackle, so in retrospect I guess I should just mentally double the time I plan for prepping to make the plan more "realistic".

To prep, Tom took off all the plate covers, the air vent covers, the closet doors, the bedroom door (which needs a little fixin'), and the window hardware. Meanwhile, I went around the room and spackled over all sorts of holes and filled a ton of gaps around the window with caulk. Cuz, you know, big gaps around window = cold drafts in the wintertime, and we aren't real keen on letting little Baby M turn into a little icicle when the wind blows just right.

So, with all that done, Tom went around the room and wiped everything down really well with a TSP alternate solution, which cleans off the wall surface (you'd be amazed at how much grime we got off!) and helps the new paint stick.

Then it was time to spread out the tarps to protect the carpet and tape off the quarter round and baseboards, since those would be getting a fresh coat of paint, too.

Finally, bright and early on Sunday morning, Tom got around to painting priming...

And I'll leave the rest for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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