Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nursery... Progress?

Thanks to Mrs. Preggo being, well, preggo, and Mr. Tom being a medical student busily studying for upcoming exams, we haven't been able to accomplish as much as we typically do lately on the old homestead. So rather than painting or knocking down walls or ripping out floors together, I've been doing domestic things (like tidying the house and cooking and laundry with our awesome new washer and dryer), while Tom's been studying 24/7. Which is a-okay by me, because really, I'd rather have a studious and well-learned doctor working on me rather than one who is, um, not. Ya know?

Anyways, despite not having anything completely and totally exciting to share with you guys today, I thought I'd do a little report on our my progress in the nursery thus far. I'll admit that it hasn't changed that much, but clearing out all the stuff in the closet, the sofa storage compartment, and the ottomans took quite a bit of work and organizing (and lots of stuff donated to goodwill in the meantime). I've also started prepping the room for paint - hellooo spackle and caulk, thanks for closing up those huge gaps around the window that the previous owner never bothered with. Our little baby will surely thank you when he arrives right before the cold winter season and doesn't have to deal with a nasty draft.

See? Not that exciting.

The sofa and rug (rolled up in the corner) are for sale, if anyone living near Omaha is interested. Mel has been relocated to the office, where he gets more attention from us (although we think he preferred the privacy of having his own room to himself). The ottomans have been cleared out and relocated to the basement for now. And thanks to Tom's awesome decorating inspiration, the painting easel has been relocated to the living room (more on that later!).

Annnddd.... yes, we already have a (jogging!) stroller. And we love it. (yep, we've already taken it for a test drive around the neighborhood, too. Our neighbors probably think we're crazy running around with an empty stroller, haha!)

And a peek into the closet where we've been stashing all of the little guy's loot so far:

So... is this progress? I think so. Hopefully the sofa and rug will be sold soon, and other than moving a few other random items out, this room is ready for a painting overhaul. Goodbye nasty yellowed glossy walls and ceiling, and hellooo nicer and calmer colors...

Anyone else taking forever on a project because life got in the way? I'd love to hear it - it would make me feel better about our lack of progress in here!

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  1. I have been out of the blog loop for too long while San and I were busy getting married - I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do with the room! It looks like the little one already has a good amount of stuff in that closet!

    How exciting!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! We're super excited. :) I hope everything's going well with you and San!



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