Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I Heart Thirty-One

About a month ago I received this adorable tote bag from Erica at Thirty-One:

Can you say cute? Adorable is more like it!

It's the Organizing Utility Tote in Boho Patchwork Paisley, and I'm seriously in love.

First off, the looks - check out that fabric! It's a gorgeous aqua, lime green and grey/brown paisley pattern, and it seriously makes me drool (got a tissue handy?). I'm a total sucker for anything personalized, too, and the fact that you can customize your bag with your name, initials, etc. made me fall in love with Thirty-One's products (and can you say what an awesome personalized gift they would make?).

It's the perfect size - you know, not too big, not too small - and has one large compartment along with 5 outside pockets and 2 mesh pockets to pack in even more storage! Seriously, this bag can hold alot. Check out all the compartments on the back side of this baby:

And if you do cram it full (because I'm the first to admit that I'm definitely not a light packer!), the sturdy double-straps help distribute the weight whether you're carrying it in your hand or on your shoulder. And no worries about if this baby can hold the weight - the straps are each reinforced with metal and extra stitching and fabric. Here's a closeup of the inside of the bag:

The fabric on the bag makes it perfect for any occasion, too. It's very sturdy and durable, and you'd never know to look at it (because the fabric is so gorgeous), but it's easy to keep clean, too! Just wipe off any messiness with some soap and water, and ta-da - it's back to lookin' like brand new!

So far we've used it for all sorts of outings! 

Boating and the beach...

The pool...

We can totally see us using it for a baby diaper bag or overnight bag in the future, as well:

And of course for a home improvement/baby diaper bag combo (yeah, we're crazy, but you guys already knew that!).

And I totally have to brag because I have gotten soooo many comments and compliments on this bag! Everyone loves it and friends and strangers alike have expressed so much interest in it.

To top everything off, I was surprised and delighted to find that the bags were actually really affordable (you know I like a good deal), and of course they're all very customizable, from the fabric to the personalization.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased and yes, even surprised at how well-made and durable (and adorable!) the bag is. My only question is: why haven't I heard of Thirty-One before? They're awesome!

You can check out Thirty-One's full catalog of products (hurry, the Spring/Summer prints - including the uber-cute boho patchwork paisley pattern my bag sports - ends in a couple of days! The Fall Catalog comes out on Monday) on Erica's website right here.

And guess what? Erica's offering This Fresh Fossil readers 15% off your order through the end of August!

Stay tuned for a great giveaway next Friday where you could win your own personalized bag (or laundry basket, wallet, etc etc) from Thirty-One!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or reimbursed in any way for this review. I was provided a product free-of-charge to review, however all views and opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. Thanks!
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  1. Oh my gosh, that bag looks awesome! It would be perfect for taking my girls to the pool or park. I'll have to check back for the giveaway coming soon. ;)

    Found you listed on The Picket Fence Blogs... love the look of your blog and going to look around at some of your home projects. :)


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