Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glammin' Up the Basement

Okay, okay - so we have total project ADD. We jump from project to project and can't seem to focus much on any one room of the house for too long, which is apparently not uncommon in the DIY home improvement blogosphere, nor the diy crafty blogosphere, either. I guess us DIY folks just need a wide variety of projects to keep us sane happy!

So really, is it such a surprise that - rather than continuing to focus on some other halfway finished projects *coughOfficecough*, we're jumping to something new?

Or maybe it's just that we are SICK and TIRED of staring at something everyday, for the past nearly 2 years.

See this little nifty cabinet-thingy behind our basement bar?

Um, yeah.

Really, it's a billion times better than it was - the first few months we owned this baby we took off that lovely dated scroll woodwork trim and brightened everything up with paint - but honestly, that's about all we've done to it thus far.

And here it's sat.


Until now.

We've got big plans for this bad boy. BIG plans.
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