Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodbye, My Sister

A couple weeks ago my parents' dog, Libby, was diagnosed with cancer.

She was able to stick around to see Tom and I one last time during our trip over Spring Break.

On Sunday, the day we flew back, it was time.

God called her home.

It's been very emotional for our whole family. She wasn't just a dog - she was my furry sister, and a member of our family. We all loved her so much, and are so sad to know that we'll never see her intelligent eyes, gentle face, or her wagging tail again.

She found us when she was 3 months old in the year 2000, and I remember spending that whole summer training and teaching her - and learning from her. She was the first dog our family had ever had, and we were smitten from the moment we had first met her.

I remember the first time she had ever seen the moon at night - she was so scared of that giant big yellow ball in the sky that she cried and tried to hide behind us as we laughed.

I remember laying with her on the couch with a broken wrist and a huge cast on my arm while she licked my fingers.

I remember teaching her all her awesome tricks, my favorite being playing dead. I loved and would always laugh when she would be so still that you'd really think she was dead - if her tail wasn't wagging.

I remember how she would help my mom with the laundry, picking up all the socks my mom dropped and bringing them to her.

I remember how she could never, ever, no matter how hard we tried, understand that in a game of fetch she was supposed to bring the toy back to us.

I remember how she would find empty plastic water bottles around the house and bring them to someone to recycle, and in return would get a treat.

She was a great housekeeper.

I remember how at Christmas, her favorite gifts were from Tom - empty, wrapped water bottles.

I remember how she loved to open presents - she would actually tear off the wrapping paper herself.

I remember how when she first came to us, we knew something was wrong. She had double-hip displaysia, and couldn't walk or run right, but would bunny-hop.

And I remember how we gave her new legs and life with a surgery to correct her hips. After that, she loved to run!

Finally, I remember the last day we spent with her - how the weather was perfect, and we all took her out in the boat for a run down the river. She loved every second of it. I remember her closing her eyes as the wind whipped her fur around her face. I remember her, for the first time on our trip, not being in any pain. I remember how, even though she could barely walk and her leg had atrophied, she swam in the water and fetched her toy.

One last time.

Libby, thank you for being the best furry sister a girl could ever have. You taught me so much, and were always there for me every time I walked through that door. You made such an impression on me and our whole family, and we won't ever be the same without you. You had an amazing life, and I'm so glad we could be a part of it. I will always miss you, but I'm happy that you're not in pain anymore, and are safe in His arms now.

I will always love you and remember you.


Olivia Sarah C.


  1. She sounds like the sweetest pup. And she's beautiful, too! So glad you got to enjoy a last week with her, but I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye.

  2. This almost made me cry. Dogs hold special places in our hearts. Thank you for reminding me to cherish my moments with Colby, even when he's driving me bonkers.

    I'm glad you got to say goodbye and that she's in peace.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. Dogs really do become part of the family, and it's so hard to say goodbye. I'm so happy you got to see her over spring break one last time. She sounds like an amazing dog!

  4. This makes me just want to go straight home and hug that idiot dog of mine tight. Dogs bring unconditional love to the table, and they leave a huge gap when they're gone, but it sounds like you had a really wonderful girl to love.

  5. Beautifully written from the heart, Chelsea. I know you appreciated the wonderful life of lovely, lizard-chasing Libby. Happy eyes, a gentle spirit... we all have touches of 'Libby in our lives'.
    Remember how she herded visiting folks to the front door when SHE was ready for everyone's attention to be on her in the family room? What a girl!
    Hugs and love,
    Aunt Lois

  6. Well said. What an incredible dog she was. We'll miss you, Libby.

  7. Aww, what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog! I'm sorry for your loss. It's never easy.

  8. I'm so sorry. Loosing a pet is one of the ugly sad parts of life, but all those wonderful memories will keep with you forever!! Keep your head up..and please tell your parents that we are all thinking of them too.

  9. Libby was amazing. She was my snuggle bug when Ryan wanted to watch the most bizarre movies, and she would lay on my lap, and no matter how many times your mom or Ryan told her to move, she just couldn't resist a good ear scratch or belly rub from me. :)
    She was a wonderful dog, so full of love and compassion. I'll certainly remember her forever. <3 Especially when puzzle pieces would fall on the floor in the dining room, and we'd find them a few minutes later, just a little more damp than when they fell. :)
    She was a great girl, and I know she's at peace now.


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