Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Future

If you've been following along with our random home improvement journey for awhile now, you'll know that we've been homeowners for almost 2 years (!!) now.

Officially Homeowners

And man, have we gotten alot accomplished in that amount of time! (for a lengthy list of our accomplishments and hilarious incidents during our 1st year as homeowners, go here).

But while we have done so much thus far - learning invaluable lessons in everyday things, like proper asbestoes removal, creating mice survival packs, and digging up buried cement patios - we've still got a lot left to tackle in this ole' fossil to really make it ours.

So, I figured a list would be in order, with items ranging from major undertakings (like remodeling the fireplace and making cabinets), to rather minor loose ends (such as finally installing transitions and quarter round for our laminate flooring), to just plain fun and simple DIY projects (like refinishing an entry table or making a no-sew pillow).

Since I've made this lovely list, I figured we should share it with you, so 1) you'll know what's in store for you if you stick around to read our rambling, and 2) so we can stay accountable and will actually feel the need to accomplish these items.

And so, here is the list of tasks awaiting us:

  • Do something with the cabinets behind the basement bar
  • Tile the guest bathroom floor
  • Paint the studio
  • Create kitchen cabinets
  • Install transitions and quarter round for the laminate flooring
  • Install a ceiling exhaust(?) fan in the main bathroom
  • Install a new door in the main bathroom
  • Remodel main bathroom
  • Paint exterior house trim
  • Paint porch railing
  • Landscape the front yard
  • Remodel the fireplace
  • Caulk any cracks in house exterior
  • Scrape basement windows
  • Refinish wood console table
  • Paint basement countertops (or do a tile mosaic)
  • Create no-sew pillowcase
  • Paint canvases
  • Paint front door
  • Refinish dining table set
  • Caulk basement wainscotting
  • Tile garage entry
  • Paint garage entry
  • Create guest bedroom cork board
  • Cut basement blind wands
Whew - that's one hefty list! It's a bit daunting, but we know that we'll go about getting 'em done and crossing them off like we always have, one project at a time.

So we're wondering - is there anything you're excited to see us tackle? Do you have your own list? Are there certain projects that you're pumped about tackling? Or maybe some you dread? We'd love to know from all you fellow listies (yes, I totally just made that word up) out there!

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  1. I'm a fellow "listie" (like that word!) and I think we really need to tackle our back yard. I'd like to see you create kitchen cabinets...that sounds interesting....but any of your projects would be great!

  2. I make a list like this on a near daily basis! It is very daunting. I have to say I am most excited to see you tile your bathroom floor because this is something that has intimidated me to no end, but I totally want to tackle!


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