Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Newest Victim

Hello. My name is Chelsea, and I kill plants.

No, really, I do. Well, not purposely, they just sort of wither and die as soon as they see me coming with my black thumb.

Let me display the evidence:

Yes, that's a plant.

Or, rather it was a plant.


Anyways, I thought I'd introduce you to my newest victim:

Meet Vincent. He's a harmless little orchid that I found at Wally World.

I've always had a thing for orchids - they're so pretty! But, unfortunately, they never like me as much as I like them.

Yeah, I'll spare you the details of what happened to my last orchid (shhh, don't tell Vincent about that!).

Isn't he all pretty sitting up all perky on our monstrosity of a fireplace? I love that he adds a fun splash of color to a very... um, brown, er, black, er, faux rock, er... of a backdrop. And maybe when it gets warm out I'll spray paint that purple pot to a color better suited to our living room.

Let's hope that he survives longer than all my other victims... er, plants. I'll give you an update on how he's doing... or not doing... sooner or later.

How's your thumb these days? Are you a "kill-them-just-by-looking-at-them" gardener like myself, or are you at the opposite end of the thumb-color-spectrum (like green instead of dead black)? Anyone else getting the Spring flower itch yet?

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  1. Oh gosh. I am also such a plant killer! My boss gave me a beautiful amaryllis for Christmas and it didn't even last a full two months :( I can't keep them alive! I hope your orchids fare better--they're gorgeous!

  2. My thumb is still black, but thankfully my outdoor plants are staying alive thanks to neglect.

    I like the little spot of purple, I wouldn't change it!

  3. And how's your bamboo plant at work doing? Hopefully, it didn't meet the same fate as the one it replaced! :)Good luck with your orchid...they can be kind of tricky to care for!

  4. I have a dead flowering plant on my window sill too...just hoping it will come back to life. I have about a 50/50 record with plants. Love the orchid!

  5. What a gorgeous phalaenopsis! If you want a little help, I've been known to keep some plants alive.

    Except cilantro. I inform it of its impending doom before we even get to the register.

  6. I'm with ya! I've got a pretty bad track record with keeping plants/flowers alive. It's quite sad. The only ones that are sticking around are the fake ones. Pretty orchid, though! :)


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