Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hola! Say Hello to Our New Living Room

Um, guess what?

We got our sofas!

One snowy day, the delivery guys pulled up in a giant truck and delivered these beautiful babies:

Aren't they sa-weet?

We love the clean, modern, lines, and how much they brighten up the space! Oh, and as for the comfort factor? They're incredibly comfy. And - they came with 8 matching pillows! Wowza! In fact, I found the matching pillows to be a little too much, and proceeded to scatter most of them throughout the house, while putting some new throw pillows on the sofas to tone down the matchy-matchiness a little bit, and make them a bit less formal. And no worries on the white color - we had them stain proofed so anything spilled on them will just wipe right off (and since Barley's hair is white, it'll just blend right in! Score).

Did you notice our other new additions?

We bought a couple cheapo chairs from Target while they were on sale with free shipping, after pricing similar chairs at the big furniture chain here, Nebraska Furniture Mart. Let's just say that buying the chairs from Target saved us about 500-900 bucks for the two of them (there's only 1 in the photo - we still have to assemble the second one!). Of course, they may not last as long as their similar buddies at the Mart, but we've always had good luck in the past with Target furniture items so we're willing to give them a go (especially because of how much we're saving), and they seem to be pretty sturdy. Time will tell!

Either way, we love the new furniture! The new chairs and arrangement really seems to open the space up and invite people to sit down and relax, rather than closing them off - like our old gray sofa used to do in the same area. And we think the whole space looks alot more clean and airy and contemporary than the previous arrangement, and the lighter colors really seem to make the space feel larger - even though there's actually more furniture in here than there was before. We love it.

Of course we also love the price we paid for these babies when we compare them to their practically identical twins over at Crate and Barrel. For 2 similar sofas at Crate and Barrel we would've paid over twice as much as what we ended up paying. I sure love me some knock-offs! And once we consider how much we were/are able to sell our old furniture for (which should about cover the price of one sofa), that just makes the bottom line that much sweeter.

So - what's the verdict? Love em? Hate em? Think we're crazy for buying white sofas? Spill the beans!
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  1. This room is absolutely beautiful. It loos so nice with the sun streaming in through the window.

  2. Definitely love the sofas. Your living room is gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the sofas! They really do open that room up! And should the day come when minions start to appear at the Fossil, there's always slipcovers.

  4. These are really beautiful. They make the rug (which I covet so) pop even more. Where did you get them?

  5. Hola, new living room! They are beautiful couches. The room is looking awesome! Love that rug too.

  6. Wow!! It looks like a whole new room with those beautiful white couches!! They look so fresh and airy, and I love the modern shape.

  7. ¡Hola, sof├ís, que bonita! Wow, those are beautiful! And give a totally new fresh look to your living room. (I am also admiring Barley's Vanna White impression in the last photo-very cool, dude. lol)

  8. Thanks, guys!

    @Heather - We got the sofas at the go-to furniture store in these parts, Nebraska Furniture Mart! Seriously, that place is crazy big and they have EVERYTHING. It's kinda like DisneyWorld. ;)

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments, everyone!


  9. Those sofas are incredible!! Love them. Those Tarjay chairs are pretty sweet too!


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