Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Bit Under the Weather

Yup, thanks to Tom being on his Pediatrics rotation in medical school and seeing little sick kids all day, he's come home several times with colds (seriously, how do you people who work with kids daily deal with all the sick germs?!).

And I finally got one.


Anyways, between timing my medications, drinking Hot Toddies and other teas, and eating a ridiculous amount of ice-cream and chocolate shakes (which totally make me feel better even if they don't help my sore throat at all!), and surviving work everyday, predicably we haven't gotten too much done in the area of DIY home improvement lately.

Which, by-the-way, does not mean that we don't have anything to write about - because we have plenty that we're still waiting to share with you - just that we I haven't quite been up to writing anything in my fog-and-dream-hallucinatory-semi-aware-state that I currently reside in.

Whoa, that was a mouthful. Ha.ha.ha.

Anyways, stay tuned because once I kick this thing we'll be back to our regularly-scheduled-project-tackling - and boy, do we have some awesome ones we're I'm dying to tell you about! (has anyone else noticed Tom's recent absence from this blog, or is it just me?).

Yes, I was also too sick tired to even try to find a photo for this post.

.... so when is my next round of meds due?
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  1. Ahhhh, so sad to hear you are feeling puny. Get well soon and don't worry about those still to be tackled jobs around the old homestead.Believe me, they are not going anywhere! They will still be there when you emerge from THE FOG. (read spooky voice).

  2. I'm in the same boat! I'm working in a pre-school rotation right now, and I got so sick from one of the little boys. I really need to make a doctor's apt because it's not going away, and I'm so tired of being sick. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I missed that whole stage...I think it's because I went from BEING a kid to working with kids. My little guy, miraculously, hasn't picked up too much from daycare, either. I credit breastfeeding and farm germs. They say farm kids have the best immunity! (Would you ask your hubby about that for me, though? I don't know if it's really true.)

  4. Sam's a teacher, so he's always hauling germs home. The minute someone sneezes, I start stuffing Hall's Defense down their throats.

    Use this as an excuse to just watch Home and Garden all day.

  5. Aw, thanks guys! I'm finally starting to feel better *whew*, thank goodness! This cold really got the best of me this week - hopefully from here on out it'll be mostly smooth sailing!

    @Anne - Yikes! Those little rascals, huh? I hope you start feeling better soon, too!

    @Katie - You sure lucked out on missing that stage! :) I'll be sure to ask Tom what he thinks, but he is only half a doctor so far...

    @Life in Rehab - Good plan of attack, lol!

    Thanks for all the get well wishes!



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