Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've Got the Rug Bug

It's true: I've been obsessing over rugs for awhile now. Especially ones with a big, bold, geometric pattern.

I LOVE bright graphics and bold patterns, and would love to introduce a few more into our decorating.

The problem is, I'm super-picky about bright, bold, geometric patterns. I have to love them to buy them (especially since they're often more expensive than their plain-jane counterparts), which means that the colors have to be perfect and the pattern has to be perfect.

And there can't be any frilly-ness. I'm just really not into all that frou-frou stuff.

I know, I know - I'm demanding.

But you really have to be when it comes to rugs, because those babies are super-expensive. Like, they can get wow expensive.

And have I mentioned I'm a little on the cheap side?

So, I've been searching, dreaming, and fantasizing about a new rug in our living room, to replace our $10 5x7' plain jane one we've had in there for awhile. No worries - I'm sure it will find a new home somewhere in our house.

Want to see my favorites?

And this is the space it will occupy (try to imagine that we will have white sofas soon):

Which one is your favorite? Have you caught the Rug Bug, too?
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  1. Looking at your lovely room, my favorites are #1 and #4. You have good taste so you will choose the right one.

  2. Yes! I hear ya! I've actually been obsessing over West Elm's collection too. The Andalusia rug is just amazing....but I think any of those would look good in your space!

  3. Love the greenish one. So fresh and bright. Have you considered painting a rug? I've been looking at some tutorials and will likely do a trial run with the craft room. I can 100% relate to the overwhelming cost of rugs.

  4. Love the Andalusia! It is such a great pattern!! :)


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