Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogiversary: Q & A

Friday was This Fresh Fossil's 1 Year Blogiversary (who knew this little ole' blog would ever make it that long, eh?), and I invited you guys to ask any questions you wanted - and no, they didn't have to relate to home improvement or decorations in any way.

So here goes.

How did you two meet?

Simple - we met in college, in the middle of Oklahoma. Which begs the question: how in the world did two people from practically opposite sides of the country end up there?

Well, I was an athlete - rowing is a popular sport along the coasts, and with all of Florida's lakes and rivers it's the perfect place to have dozens of rowing teams all across the state. It's a regular High School sport there, actually, and even if you're not in High School, if you live in an area with even a little bit of access to water, you'll probably find a Rowing Club team in which you could join if you were so inclined.

Okay, enough about that. I guess you could say I was a pretty decent rower (I'm trying to stay modest here, haha) because I was recruited by colleges across the country to row for them, but eventually settled on the tiny but mighty University of Tulsa. Good private school, Division IA athletics, yadda yadda yadda - the main point was I loved the place and they decided they would give me a full athletic scholarship if I rowed for them.

Considering I grew up believing that I'd never be able to go to a 4-year college because neither I nor my parents could afford it, it was truly a dream come true for me - and my parents.

For Tom, he excelled all throughout High School and earned the title of Salutatorian at graduation. He also scored well on the PSAT test, enough to qualify for various scholarships. Like me, he was also recruited by several schools who wanted, what they called "National Scholar" students, to attend. Like me, he was also charmed by the University of Tulsa, the programs, and of course of the free education.

So - how exactly did we meet?

My parents and I drove up to Tulsa to get me moved in before my Freshman year, and after they drove off I was invited by my dorm Resident Asssitant to a little Meet-N-Greet they were having with all the Freshman that lived in the building. That was when we first met.

A week later and we were thrown into the same group during Freshman Orientation, in which we had to play competitive fun icebreaker-type games with other groups. Tom and I still laugh about how mad he got at me when I made our team lose because I couldn't get a rope through my clothing fast enough! (don't ask, I think it was a stupid and weird game anyway!)

The next week, in between classes, we saw each other in the lobby of our dorm, and I was bored and invited him and another friend to watch a movie together.

After that, as they say, and the rest was history.

Stay tuned - over the next couple of weeks I'll be answering more of your questions. So ask away!
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  1. Awwwwwww, what a sweet little story! It's picture perfect. That's even one you can tell the kids when they appear on the scene.

    Unlike ours...

  2. That's awesome! The hubs and I also met at college. Between that and our similar taste in stockings I think we really are twinsies. : )

  3. It's funny to hear the whole story since I remember seeing you guys around twin south after you first met. You guys always seemed to be meant for each other! :) I miss those college days!

  4. Awww..you guys look like babies in that photo! Sweet story!


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