Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wreath Lives!

If you've been around for awhile, you might recall a while back that I got hit with the Fall DIY Decorating Itch. I was inspired by all the beautiful wreaths floating around the blogosphere, and set out to build my own.

I snatched up the supplies at the dollar store, and found a monogram letter at the craft store, and hot glued it all together. See how pretty it is?

And then it melted (read about why here).

It was tragic.

But also pretty funny.

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to re-gluing all the little leaves and flowers back onto the wreath. And don't worry - this time I kept it out of the sun!

Tom helped me take down the mirror that hangs in our dining room area, and he drilled a tiny screw into the back of the chunky wood frame. I tied a ribbon around the wreath and secured it on the back around the screw... and wah-lah! We have our fancy monogram fall wreath, a-la Martha Steward hanging style.

We actually really like it there, as it adds a nice festive fall punch to the kitchen and dining room area. Not to mention that tiny screw will come in handy whenever we want to hang up a wreath to add a little seasonal decor and fun whimsy to the dining room and kitchen.

P.S. Due to the hot glue melting incident, the letter "M" moved a bit during the process, and once the hot glue solidified was a little off-kilter. Add that some hot glue drips were also on it, and it definitely needed a little improvising. So I glued on some flowers on that part of the "M" this time - instant awesomeness!

P.P.S. I totally empathize with everyone out there whose complained about photographing mirrors. I completely understand how tough it is now!

What do you guys think? Is it an improvement over the last one? Do you like it hanging better over the mirror or on the door? (not that hanging it on the door is an option anymore... hahaha!)
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  1. I'm glad you redid the wreath for indoor hanging. I love to put a wreath over a mirror (ala Martha,like you said). I think your new version is even better!

  2. Great job on your wreath - it's so colorful and pretty! (Sorry to hear about the melting though!) And I love how you personalized it with the monogram. Good idea to put it on the mirror.

    I made a fall wreath awhile back too, and it is still hanging on our front door. It's blocked from the sun, but I did recently find out that the dye comes off of the fake leaves when they get wet! :)

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm just happy that I haven't come home to a pathetic-looking-wreath-with-a-pile-of-hot-glue-leaves-and-flowers-mess so far. :)



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