Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

And no, it doesn't involve Christmas carols or a white beard.

They do come bearing gifts, though.

My parents are driving up all the way from my hometown in Florida (that's a LONG drive!) to spend a few days with us. And boy, are we excited! 

While we're both super-pumped to see them (because living halfway across the country only enables us to get together twice a year), we're also excited because they're bringing gifts: manual labor.

Yup, they're DIYers just like we are, and can't wait to lend a hand to get some much-needed big home improvements done around here! The last time they visited, we ended up installing brand new laminate flooring throughout our house (complete with that lovely baking soda incident, haha), so we can't wait to tackle some of the big projects on our list this time!

That being said, as you might've noticed we've been spiffying up our casa lately in preparation for their arrival (like adding a door in the guest bathroom), and what with all the work being done lately we've been a bit too busy to our regular once-a-day blogging posting schedule (I'm curious - did you notice?). But once our guests arrive we'll be devoting 100% of our time away from our dayjobs to enjoying their company... well, that and the occasional crazy DIY home improvement project, that is.

So all that boils down to is this: if we fall off the face of the Earth (or the Blogosphere, rather) it's because we're probably knee-deep in concrete or trying not to chop off our fingers with our tile saw. What else does that mean? It means that once we come back to Earth Blogland, we'll be back and ready for some serious action! We'll have tutorials and projects and befores and afters, and probably some really interesting stories, too! Ya know, like that time we rigged a jack-n-bucket disaster contraption to get a sink out of our old countertop, which was a really, really bad idea? Yeah, more of that craziness!

So hold on tight and stay tuned, because we'll be back before long and better than ever!

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  1. Go NOWHERE sans camera. We want to see it all.

  2. You have been missed! Can't wait for your return!! :)

  3. Hope you're having a great time with your parents, and good call on putting them to work while they're there :)


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