Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ScotchBlue and You Contest

Have a room in dire need of an update? Want to be featured on DIY Network's Sweat Equity?

ScotchBlue contacted me to let me know about the new ScotchBlue & You contest they're having - and the grand prize? Not only does the winner get to be on the show Sweat Equity with Amy Matthews, they get up to $15,000 for a remodel! And 20 finalists each get a $250 Visa Gift Card. Now that's sweet.

Interested? Head over to the ScotchBlue&You website to check out the full details on how to enter.

I'll admit - I'm pretty tempted to enter this contest. We're only halfway through remodeling the house, but by-gosh there's still LOTS of work to be done with the unfinished half (and still quite a bit left on the "finished" half, too!).

But - which room should we enter?

The exterior?

We could definitely use alot of help in the department of landscaping, and a more defining entry area (covered porch perhaps?) would really help our house standout.

The bathroom?

We've barely touched anything in here, save for a few small things. The biggest thing I'd want to change? That window. In the shower. That we have to keep the blinds on or else give our next-door-neighbor a heart attack whenever we shower.

The office?

What lovely wood paneling we have, huh?

Or our buried backyard patio?

While digging up the buried patio was a vast improvement over our beautiful weed garden we had before, the patio is not in good condition. There are large cracks in it, pieces of concrete missing, and it's sunken in the middle. Not good. I envision a new patio with a lovely covering overhead (pergola perhaps?), groupings of furniture, and since this is my dream there's even a firepit and a fireplace, all surrounded by lush landscaping.

Choices, choices.

Will you be entering the contest? Which room in your own casa could use a facelift? Any opinions on which room we should enter?
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  1. I was emailed by them too. Small world!

  2. I vote patio. That's going to be the most major and expensive of the jobs, so funnel that cash right back there.

  3. I vote for the office just because of the paneling! But, I'd say that patio or exterior could be the most expensive so maybe you should enter one of those....

    Good luck!!

  4. Thanks for this tips Chelsea! I will look into entering my home, I need urgent renovation in the kitchen department ;) I think that if you enter the contest, probably the best bet would be to do the outside, since they can help you guys with tools (to remove the concrete). All the best!


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