Thursday, September 2, 2010

On-The-Cheap Centerpiece

Last week I was perusing one of my favorite stores (Target) when I came across a pretty good find.

This cool rope tray was on clearance!

Originally about $25 (if I remember correctly!), I scored it for a measly $3.50. That's thrift-store pricing right there! I quickly snagged this baby and brought it home, because really, you can never have enough trays.

Throwing in some sea-inspired elements, such as our seashell-filled hurricane lantern, our DIY-near-disaster white coral decor, coasters, a turquoise glass bottle from Key West, and a sea sponge, all come together to make the coastal centerpiece. My favorite element of it is our most recent find during our last visit to my home state of Florida - the sea sponge.

I love the organic form and the all the little details on it. It looks similar to a real piece of coral (not like our faux DIY version!), except the color of it leans more to the sandy side and the texture is more, well, spongey.

We're big fans of how much our new centerpiece lightens and brightens up our little coffee table, and even the whole living room, while adding a touch of ocean whimsy to the room. And while Fall is just around the corner, we figured a few more weeks spent enjoying our summertime beachy decor couldn't hurt.

So that's it for our little living room centerpiece update, and how we couldn't be happier about our on-the-cheap $3.50 find. But what about you guys - have you scored any great finds lately? Do you peruse the aisle endcaps at stores like Target like us, in search for a good clearance item? Do you have any special items from vacations or trips proudly displayed in your home, too? Spill the beans!

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  1. Great find Chelsea! I agree that you can never have too many trays and that's a great one! That sponge is really cool too.

  2. I love it! What an amazing deal! I'm glad you snatched it up before someone else could because I really love this centerpiece! I especially can't take my eyes off the turquoise glass bottle.

  3. You have such a great eye for this stuff! I'm always at a loss for centerpieces!

  4. I always tour the endcaps first, and I have NOT seen that tray! Great score!

    We always pick up a Christmas ornament when we're away, and then one pine swag during the holidays gets all of the vacation baubles dangled from it.

  5. Looks great! I really like it partnered with that glass table! Great Target find!!


  6. I'm a fan of trays, too, and this one looks beautiful. (I also like your blog design...very chic!).


  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, guys! We're totally digging the new cheapo-depot centerpiece (even though it's already feeling like fall around here)!


  8. Oh, I agree... that was a lot of spray paint! Very nice vignette though!!


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