Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheap Convenient Coat Conclusion

It's official: Fall is here.

With the frequent storms and winds bringing rain and leaving us with colder weather, less daylight everyday, and crisper air and changing leaves, we really can't ignore it anymore.

Fall is upon our doorstep.

It's time to break out the warmer clothes - boots and sweaters and scarves, lug out the fall and Halloween decor and put away the more summer-inspired pieces, and grab some hot apple cider and warm blankets to bundle up in.

While Fall usually involves all of the above in the Magruder household once the air turns crisp and cool, we also begin to incorporate more practical changes to get ready for the upcoming chilly months.

Now that we've gotten rid of most of the stuff junk taking up residence in our garage (thanks to our fun and profitable ginormous garage sale), once we clear out the last few bits we will have enough room to actually PARK A CAR IN THE GARAGE! Okay, okay, so maybe not that exciting for you - but for us?! A BIG deal.

And cold weather + car in the garage = entering the house via the garage door with large coats (that may or may not involve snow clinge-age).

AKA, we needed a coat solution.

I found this little guy for around $9 on clearance at Target awhile back.

I think it's actually a towel rack, but the small hooks are perfect for hanging up a coat or gloves once you enter the house. And they're small enough that they don't hit the door when the door is open, so hey - it works for us.

And the best part?

They're hinged and fold closed when not-in-use, which will be perfect for those summer months when we don't need them and don't want to have them in the way in this small space. It reminds me of those hooks from Ikea that fold closed as well - except, well, this one's way better for us, mostly because there isn't an Ikea anywhere within about 1,000 miles of us.

Yes, I know - that fact makes me very sad.


Anyways, we love our new hooks because they fit our needs and space - and hello - they were on clearance! You can't beat that.

Although this was a small update to our little home, we think that every little bit makes a big difference - especially when it helps our household to function more thoroughly and efficiently throughout the year. This isn't the only update we have up our sleeves to prep our casa for winter, so stay tuned for those!

So what do you think? Do you have any updates planned to prep your own home for this winter? Anything you do regularly or anything you think is overrated? Are you as excited to see Fall again as we are?

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  1. I like the hooks a lot. Target, you say?

    As far as prepping for winter, we all have our closed toe sandals at the ready, and our heavier shorts.

  2. Could there be a more perfect solution? I don't think so! Trust me, after three years of running out to San's car (before I brought my car to college this year) when he would be over and we would want to drive somewhere, I know exactly how nice it would be to have a car parked in the garage!

  3. I haven't planned for the snow yet, but now you've got me thinking! ha

  4. What a great hook solution for your coats! I usually put the beach towels away and use the basket for firewood when it starts getting chilly (like right now!). We also switch out summer sweatshirts for winter coats and add our hats, gloves and scarves to the baskets in our front entryway's hall bench.

    You have my sympathies regarding the distance to the closest are due for one!


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