Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paint Your Windows the Easy Way

When we bought our house, we never knew that we would soon become window-painting-experts. But then again, we never imagined we would tear out asbestos tiles or dig up a buried cement patio, either. Regardless, painting windows is a pain. Seriously. It is no fun. It makes painting any room take about 3  times as long, so we've tried numerous attempts at various methods (involving taping and chapstick) until we found our favorite (and also the quickest and easiest!).

How to Easily Paint Windows

1) Gather your prepping supplies. We use a sanding block to sand off any rough spots and then caulk for a seamless finish.

2) Sand the rough areas and caulk any corners.

We usually smooth out the bead of caulk with a wet finger (and keep a wet paper towel handy) for a seamless finish.

3) Paint! Don't worry about getting paint on the glass. Actually, the more paint on the glass the better (just keep reading, trust me).

4) Once your paint is fully dry (we waited a couple days), it's time to finish. Score the paint along the window frame using light pressure with a box cutter. Or, in case you can't find yours (like us), a carpet cutter-knife will work, too. Remember: score the dry paint but don't press too hard.

5) Use a razor blade and follow your scored line. Apply pressure and hold the razor blade at a 60 degree angle for best results.

6) Gather your paint shavings and simply toss them in the trash.

7) Hang your window treatments.

8) Enjoy!

Yup, we're pretty happy that we're not living in a fishbowl anymore, and love the texture that the bamboo blinds bring to our hard-surface-and-black-and-white kitchen.

What about you guys? How do you like to tackle painting windows? Have you tried any other methods we didn't mention? Or are you lucky enough not to have to paint windows?

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  1. You're right on about the way you paint windows. Isn't this the best way,,, who in the world has time to tape and all that, when all you need is a sharp razor to clean up. Love it. !!

  2. I agree with the razor blade method, and the new shade on your kitchen window looks great. We have the same kind of blinds in our living room, and I think they add a lot of interest.

  3. Thanks for the tips! Have a million windows to do in our new place and have been putting it off as long as possible! :)

    Love the bamboo blinds! We just put those up with our white cabinets and dark countertop too and are super happy with them!


  4. The blinds look great in the kitchen! Thanks for the tute!

  5. Thanks, guys! We tried all sorts of various methods before giving up and going the tried and true razor-route. It works so well and is so easy!

    Thanks for stoppin in!

  6. everything ties together nicely!


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