Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Well, it looks like I'm not alone in being a fan of the plaster and paint fireplace makeover method. Practically everyone who commented was also a fan - and we sure do appreciate the feedback!

The plan for now is to attempt it. I don't think either of us really likes the look of just painted faux lava rocks, and we'd really rather not do a whole big demo on our fireplace if we don't have to - so plaster and paint it is. And if we don't like it? Then we'll demo the whole she-bang and do it up right.

But I think we'll like the plaster and paint look - as long as the paint is the right color (not too stark), and I have a feeling we'll also enjoy the subtle texture of the fireplace - assuming our end result will even resemble this fireplace below at all, that is.

When will we tackle this project? I've no idea! We've been planning on refinishing our headboard as part of our Master Bedroom remodel for the past few weekends, but that hasn't exactly happened yet - 5k races, garage sales and weddings have taken up all our usual project time. But not this weekend. Oh yes, something WILL happen, by golly!

So you'll just have to stay tuned to see exactly what we will be tackling. Who knows? The way we jump around with our DIY Project ADD, maybe we'll end up doing landscaping instead (our yard could sure use some)!

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  1. Sam really loved the plaster effect, so this is probably what we're going to go with too.

  2. Exciting! I think it's going to look fabulous, and it's definitely easier than taking the whole things out and starting from scratch.


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