Thursday, July 15, 2010

Q&A: New Blogger Tips

Hello -
I am brand new to the blog world, just getting started!
I was wondering if you had any tips you would mind sharing for a newbee!
Your site is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you and thanks for writing us, Jennette!

Things are usually a little tough when you're just starting out and nobody really knows you yet -- and sometimes you may even ask yourself why you're writing a blog since it seems nobody is even reading it (we've all been there!). So if you're feeling like the new kid on the block, here's some advice to get you aquainted with this new digital world:

1. Keep writing! Not only will your writing and your posts get better, but (and this sounds counterintuitive, but it's true) the more you write the more topics you'll come up with to write about. Plus, you'll find your "style" and "voice" by writing more.

2. Get out in the community. It's a whole big blogosphere out there, just waiting for you! So get out, seek out new blogs and sites and start following them so you can get to know them better - and of course leave comments so they can do the same for you!

3. Stick to a topic. Find your topic and stick to it, so visitors will know what you're blog is about. So if you're aimed at a personal blog, keep it personal. If your blog is about DIY Home Improvement, stick to it -- don't post about celebrity gossip. Or your cute puppy dog. Or what color your thumb is.

4. Pretty pictures. One of the best ways to dress up your posts and make them more interesting. I like to take my own photos, but you can buy stock photos or even find pretty photos that you can use for free (be careful of copyright laws if you do). If you're going to stick with your own photography skills, scope out some tutorials (we have a basics one here) or follow some photography-based sites/blogs (I follow Digital Photography School for tips and tricks).

5. Unique name and layout to stand out from the crowd. Play with your template, dress up your header with an awesome image, or just have a topic-related photo at the top of your blog. Whatever your style, make sure it reflects your blog and you.

6. Follow How To Be a Better Blogger websites. Ones that I personally follow and that seem to have pretty good advice and tips are Problogger and Remarkablogger. After a couple months of reading them, I've picked up quite a few things that I think have helped me blog better (like the one about writing everyday!).

And that's it for my little list. Anyone else have any other advice for Jennette? Anything you need to do more/better that's on this list? Anything you agree/disagree with? We wish you good luck, Jennette! And let us know if you have any other questions - we'd love to help you out!

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  1. Good sound tips! Isn't it amazing how many of these you didn't know when you started? I didn't post for over a month at one point.

  2. Great tips, thanks for that, I'm always finding new things to learn and do, blogging is like having a baby, it just keeps growinga nd developing!

  3. Thanks guys! I hope new bloggers will get some use out of these. It's true - blogging is like having a baby! And I didn't follow these when I started, either. I wish I would've, though! :)


  4. Great tips..being a new blogger (just under 4 months) I'm always looking for new tips. I didn't know about those two sites you posted so I bookmarked them and will be reading them more in depth later.



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