Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Fresh Face for This Fresh Fossil

We started this blog nearly 10 months ago, and in that time we've gotten better at blogging, we've written over 100 posts, we've introduced tutorials and free designs, but most of all --

We've grown.

We felt that it was time for an update, a change, a fresh facelift for the look and feel of our blog. Why? So our blog better describes and portrays what we're all about, our design principles, our fun have-at-it-attitude, and our style. And really, isn't that what all good website design is about? So, for the past couple of months we've been designing, developing and coding the new layout on a test site.

Out went the browns and kelly green, the stripes and the unorganization.

In comes greys and lime green, modern patterns and compact and organized sections. It's like a breath of fresh air, isn't it? We liken it to our remodels in this old house so far.

So What's New?

The first thing you may notice (besides the shockingly different look and feel, of course!) is that we now have two new pages up top under our header, and then certain sections for things in our sidebar (I did say organized, didn't I?).

In the navigation bar above, we kept all the old pages and then added two brand spankin' new ones. Well, sort of. The first is the Freebie Gallery, where you'll find a compilation of all the free designs and artwork that we've given out every single week for Friday Friday so far in there - along with a photo of each for easy identification. We hope you'll find this way of displaying them much easier and much more helpful!

Secondly, you'll find a Portfolio section, which will lead you to my graphic design site, Magruder Designs. I do freelance in my free time (I know you're asking "She has free time?!", right?) and I love to design. So if you or your business are looking for a new look, a logo, a newsletter, a book, invitations, blog header, etc etc etc, just head on over there to check out my other design work and feel free to contact me if you're interested. Oh, yes, I did design this blog layout, too. Hmm, perhaps I should add this one to my Portfolio, as well...

In the newly reorganized sidebar, you'll find tons more stuff:

Inside - All the things you love about This Fresh Fossil. There's a folder up top with different tabs, in which you will find Quick Links to tagged posts, a list of Projects that are currently underway as well as completed, and also some fancy-schmancy symbols that will take you to our Facebook page, our Subscription page, and our Twitter page.

Below that is our reconfigured Rooms in Progress area, which has been transformed from boring, static images into a flashy slideshow. Nifty, eh? Ahh, the power of Flash. Anyways, the rooms we have in progress slide across the screen along with a short description and if you click on the title of the room you will be taken to all posts related to that room. Oh, and you can click through each room by using the dots on the right side. See? Told ya it was fancy.

Below the Rooms in Progress you will find some new buttons, one to an About Us page, one to our Facebook page, one to our Subscription page, and one to our new Freebie Gallery area.

And then there's our Twitter window feed, where you can view our Twitter page to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Sponsors - Now that we're on our way and continuing to grow, we thought it was time to add this section. Because remodeling ain't cheap, as we all know. But seriously, we would love to help some businesses out by getting them some publicity and traffic from our little corner of the web, who in turn would help us pay for our DIY costs. It's a love-love relationship. And besides a little adspace on our very own website, we've put in some little blurbs about other ways to advertise on This Fresh Fossil - including sponsoring giveaways and reviews (two things we really love!).

And since this section is new and we're totally pumped about it, we're having a sale on advertising real-estate space over there, so if you and your business is interested in a banner ad, lock in a totally affordable price while you can.

Love - This little area is devoted to all the awards we've received from our lovely readers and fans (or even groups we belong to, too!). Thanks guys. You really are the best ever.

Vote - We are one of the top 5 blogs in the Picket Fence Blogs top sites list. Go us, right? But we only got there because of you - so thank you, and please remember that you can vote everyday.

Fave - Pretty self-explanatory, but these are all the blogs and blog parties that we just can't get enough of. Check 'em out - we bet you'll love 'em, too!

Digg - This is a list of all the stuff we're currently digging, whether it's because we own the item or we're just admiring it from a distance. Hover your mouse over to see our thoughts on each product.

Steal - Grab our button! You know you want to! Just copy and paste the code below the button and insert it into your webspace. Easy as pie!

Seen On - The places where we've been featured. Don't worry, we plan on making this list a mighty long one...

And let's not forget the new super-popular Facebook Like button, as well as a super-functional Share button that let's you email the blog post, post it to Twitter or any other of the 10+ sites it mentions. Both are located at the bottom of each post. Cool, huh?

So wave goodbye to the old layout and the first design for This Fresh Fossil.

And say hello to the shiny sparklin' new one!

So what do you guys think? Do you like the new diggs as much as we do? What's your favorite part? Found any bugs? We'd love some feedback! (Or hey, you could just "Like" this post, too! Who will be the first?!)

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  1. Wow it's amazing! So shiny! And new! Can I touch? Haha...You've now inspired me to do some much-needed work on my blog. I have a long list of things I've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to it yet. I just want to go click everywhere now because it looks so good!

    Awesome job!

  2. I love the new look! So contemporary and fresh; also liking the 'moving photos' on the sidebar. Very cool. I've already clicked all the little dots on the side to see what or where they go.
    It is so professional, neat and organized...hmmmmm, will you do my closets when you come to visit? =)

  3. I like the new look! So professional and fresh looking with the bright green pop of color. I can't believe it's been 10 months.. you guys are doing a great job!

  4. Love it Chelsea!!!! Maybe I'll have to spruce up Athletic Endeavours!!

  5. Thanks, guys! We worked long and hard on it and are super-pumped about it, too! We're glad you guys are diggin' it as much as we are!


  6. Wow, this looks very professional and organized. In fact, I feel kinda shabby just being here.

    I think you've inspired me.

  7. My blog feels like a mess compared to this! Of course, I don't have a graphic design background, so I'm learning DIY blogging along with DIY-ing the house! This looks great!

  8. Chelsea this looks fantastic!!! So fancy and professionaly looking!! Can't wait to take the time to look through it all!! Way to go!!


  9. Chelsea I am commenting about your top post (being featured). I saw it the other day on RMH! Yay!! Congrats. You guys are on a roll.
    I can't comment on post one or two because a big slash is running through them so I can't see the word verification and part of the message. I have no problem on this comment form so I don't know what gives. Just giving you a heads up.


  10. Thanks so much guys!

    Heather - thank you, thank you! for the heads up on the bug. I'm crossing my fingers and working on a solution!


  11. Heather - I hope *crosses fingers* I might've fixed it. Let me know if you're still having problems! (please shoot me an email if you are and can't comment - cmc3bm@hotmail.com)



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