Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summertime Shopping Spree

One Friday night we decided to do a little shopping spree.

First, we hit up Anthropologie because neither of us had been there recently (who am I kidding? I mean mostly me!). I love all sorts of their stuff, including the awesome Domino book they carry.

And although we didn't buy it there (due to the price), we found the same book on for 10$ cheaper. And guess what arrived in the mail for us yesterday?

This book is chock full of all sorts of beautiful, glossy images of homes with that quirky-and-lovely Domino stylin'. I have a feeling I'm gonna be spending some serious time with this baby. Add the hundreds of gorgeous photos (with tips and tricks to get the look in your abode) to the beautiful hardcover artwork, and I'm smitten.

The next thing that caught my eye at Anthropologie was this rug that was on clearance. I loved the bright, cheery design, that incorporated a bit of nature and lots of texture and interest. It was perfect!

And how amazing does it look in our kitchen? It really helps bring in all the bright greens from the adjoining living room, and helps unite the black and white of the kitchen with the rest of the color scheme. The design is so bright, cheery and tropical, and really just screams LIFE in there! And the fact that we scored it on clearance marked down 50% just makes this deal all that much sweeter.

You just can't beat that with a stick!

Then we hit up Pottery Barn, where we perused quite a bit but didn't find anything - same for Williams Sonoma. Of course, I did spy the fancy-schmancy Margaritaville machines (that run 300+$), and Tom and I just smiled at each other, because we had found the same one online for about half as much not even a month ago - which of course we ordered!

Oh, how we love a good deal!

Burlington Coat Factory. We felt a little silly, going from a rather fancy mall (there's a pond inside!) and rather expensive stores, to Burlington Coat Factory. Neither of us had ever been there before, but we were driving by when we saw it and had to stop. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the things we found there!

We picked up a couple really good-smelling soy candles, for 4$ each.

As well as two of these little tealight candle holders that look like sea shells, for about 60 cents each. Love the texture on these guys!

Next we popped into TJ Maxx, where we found quite a few random things. I scored a couple bottles of really nice perfume (at about 50-75% the regular price), and then we happened upon a bigger score: a recycled green glass giant vase, for 25$.

Yes, please! I'd been eyeing similar vases at Hobby Lobby lately, who had them on sale for 40$, around 70-80$ regular price. But they weren't green. And they were expensive.

So we called it a day, and a successful little shopping trip. We scored some good deals, got some great ideas for the future, and even spotted a couple future purchases that we ended up scoring later on the cheap - gotta love the internet for saving some serious dough! So what about you guys? Do you visit the big well-known stores to get ideas, and then pop on over to the more discount stores? Score any great finds lately? Do tell!

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  1. I need that rug. Seriously need it.

  2. Love all the greens, blues and beachy finds. Lovely.

  3. I LOVE the Domino decorating book. I found it one day while looking through the design books at Borders, and I always look at it when I'm in the store. They have some great ideas and gorgeous pictures!! Great shopping finds.

  4. So fun!! I have a gift card to Home Goods that is absolutely burning a hole in my wallet. I just need the hubs marching band season to end so we can get our evenings/wknds back and go shooooooopping. I'm a bad solo shopper. I talk myself out of every purchase. No joke.

    LOVE that green vase!

  5. Hi! I just wanted you to know that I'm featuring you tomorrow in a post titled The Top Ten Blogs I Check Before Knocking Out a Wall or Firing Up the Circular Saw. Your blog is one of my favorites for large project inspiration and tutorials, and I'd like to share it with the various people who wander by! If you would prefer not to be included please let me know!

  6. Awesome deals!!!! I love it all. Isn't the Domino book the best? I've loved it ever since I got it - plus it's pretty by itself!

  7. Great finds Chelsea! I went to Anthro the other day but didn't find anything for our house (did get a cute sweater though). And today I hit up Pottery Barn and got some great deals. They were having an amazing sale because the store is closing temporarily.

  8. Thanks for dropping in, guys!

    I'm glad you guys agree on our fantastic finds the other day! We really are quite pleased with all of them - especially that incredible Domino book. W.o.w.

    @Sunny - Thanks for much for featuring us! We feel so honored! I'm going to have to keep checking to see when that post is up now. :)

    Thanks again for stopping in, guys!



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