Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo: Closet Makeover

What is that, you ask? Is the title of this post really "Master Bedroom Redo"?

Why, yes, it is.

I tell ya, there's nothing quite like coming home to a broken clothing rod that's spilled your stuff everywhere to prompt a sudden and utterly complete overhaul.

So yes, we are embarking on an exciting new journey: completely remodeling our Master Bedroom.

But first, let's take a look at where all this started: The Closet.

After coming home to a wreck of a closet, we grudgingly admitted that yes - it was time. We'd been planning to remodel the closet, as well as the rest of the bedroom, for awhile now, and we both agreed that since the rest of the house has been mostly remodeled (or at least updated), that is was time to begin work on the bedrooms - and the "Master" topped the list.

So, it was time to begin the remodel - whether we really wanted to or not!

We began by emptying the closet of anything and everything - and placing throwing it into the studio...

... and that isn't even all of our clothes!

Once the closet was empty, it was time to do our favorite thing - demo!

Okay, so there actually wasn't much demo-ing to do, but it was still fun.

See how happy Tom is? Well, maybe that's more of an evil grin...

So we ripped out the wood lining the closet (that held up the shelf and wooden clothing rod), and then Tom got to work.

I think he's really getting the hang of this electricity stuff.

Yup, he worked some serious electric-mojo and installed us a brand new closet light. Why is that such a big deal for us? There was nothing there before. No light. No switch. Which wasn't very bright of the builders (pun intended!).

So we're pleased as punch about our brand new light - although we admit that we didn't really need a track light in there, but after considering all our other options (and Tom insisting he would only install a light that didn't require him to climb into the attic), this one turned out to be the best fit for the best price. We love that it comes with 4 bright adjustable lights - so we can angle them just right to make sure every dark nook and crannie is lit up. Yup, our closet is stylin' now!

Then we did the boring stuff - patched, sanded, and primed.

Then a coat of paint later...

And we had ourselves a nice, bright, new and neutral closet. I had debated on getting some really punchy and fun paint for the closet, but cheap was the name of the game and we happened to have leftover paint from the hallway - so Valspar's Desert Fortress it was. (Also - painting a closet is a pain in the butt, so we opted for a nice neutral so we wouldn't have to repeat this again anytime soon!)

Big difference, huh?

Next, we needed somewhere to hang our clothes, and stash our shoes - so we spent a couple days installing a closet system...

But, before I do the big reveal, let's go back to what the closet looked like the day we bought it:

Plain, boring, dated, and those DOORS annoyed the heck out of us - we couldn't get to our clothes at the same time!

And now (drumroll please) here's our closet after alot of sweat - and very little pocket money!

A big improvement, no?

The closet system was a must - unfortunately we couldn't do anything too fancy or elaborate (even though we wanted to!), so to maximize our less-than-5-feet-wide-closet-space we chose a system with two rod levels, a wire shelf on top and a thin shelving system down the middle, effectively splitting up our space.

Can you guess which side is mine? :)

We did the math - installing two levels of clothing rods doubles our clothes hanging space and the system also adds a whole entire new shelving system - all while keeping the floor and top shelf space as we had them before. We're pretty sure we've about squeezed all the space out of the closet as we can - although we already have plans to install belt hooks and purse hooks along the walls for even more ways to stash our stuff. (note: our clothes are still chillin' in the La Montana de Ropa in the studio and other various places for now until the bedroom redo is complete!)

Budget Breakdown:

Light fixture: 40$
Light Installation Supplies: 3$
Paint: Free
Rubbermaid Shelving System Kit: 65$
Extra Clothes Rod: 10$

TOTAL: 118$

That's not too bad for a brand new closet, organization system and wired light!

And just to make Tom happy, let's take a look at that light once again:



We're so happy with our closet! We have future plans to install new bi-fold doors (so we can both get to our clothes at the same time) and a few other things to up-the-ante on the efficiency factor of our new closet.

Let's hear it - what do you guys think? Are you likin' the looks of our new closet as much as we are? Anyone else do a fun closet makeover recently - and maybe you went a little more bold on your paint choice? Are you as impressed as I am with Tom's incredible electrical skills? Stay tuned and follow along for future updates on the rest of the Master Bedroom Remodel!

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  1. Nice job, but where are all the clothes? LOL I love the light in there. Closet organizers are the best. I love that you doubled your hanging space just by adding another rod. Great job!

  2. Totally love the light! Really, closets that size rarely come with lighting {which totally DOES NOT make sense!} so super good work and thoughts on getting that done!

    The closet system is awesome, I think you guys will totally love the doubled space! SO worth the investment!

    Call me crazy, but I am totally envisioning pretty curtain panels in front of the closet {vs the bi-fold option}, is that crazy of me?! Just thought I would throw that out there! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the space!


  3. Oooh, like the light! I need to install some track (or multiple facet) lighting in our master closet. Didn't really occur to me, thanks for the idea!

  4. I'm quite impressed with the electrical work. Where did he pull the wiring from, the main overhead light in your room? Very nice redo!

  5. What an improvement, huh? Great job you two!

  6. It looks so amazing, you did a great job :)

  7. So glad you guys like it! We sure do - and we aren't even using it yet! :)

    @Cynthia - The clothes are all still piled up (lol) in the studio (and other various places) for now until the rest of the bedroom redo is complete... or at least until it's habitable again! ;)

    @Jen - You are so right about the light - who woulda thought that being able to SEE your clothes would make such a big difference? ;) It is totally worth the 43$ investment, and hopefully also makes our measly little bedroom much more "Masterful"! Thanks for the idea on the curtain panels - those would look pretty cute in there! I'll have to think on that one some more (I do love the idea!), as we've got some other major fabric-y plans in store for the bedroom...

    @Sara - Tom pulled the electrical from the adjoining room (the office). On the other side of the wall in the back of the closet is an outlet, and so he drilled through the wall and did some fancy-schmancy electrical work to give us light! Thanks - we are SUPER pumped about it!

    Thanks everyone for stoppin' by!

  8. Wow Chelsea that looks great! The organization and extra hanging space is pretty sweet!! Looks all nice and tidy. we still haven't painted our walk in closet, waiting until we give it a whole new organizational makeover one day....


  9. I like the idea of directional lighting in the closet--who doesn't lose things in nooks and crannies?

    We will be redoing two similar closets in our master bedroom and I have decided that, like you, I will go for two levels of rods. I am going to add a shelf across the lower rod as I often fold my jeans and other pants in half and lay them flat rather than hanging them as I hate fighting with coat hangers.

    White or light is the way to go for colour in there--learned that when I painted a closet BenMoore Wild Mushroom. Feels like hunting a bear in a cave when I go digging.

    You are doing great things--kudos to you, Chelsea!

  10. It looks wonderful! I love the simple shelving and the light fixture! Have fun filling it up with all your pretty shoes and clothes!

  11. Beautifully done guys. It'll look very fresh and organized.

  12. It looks really great!

    Electricity is kind of a scary DIY, but once they get the hang on it, it's a VERY handy skill!

  13. Ah, Organization. There's nothing better than that! Okay, doing anything other than cleaning because you're organized is great too! You guys did a fabulous job!

  14. Loved this post. Might sound crazy, but I would love to see pics of how your hubby did the electrical. Very cool light. Love the shelving system y'all chose. Great job.

  15. Thanks so much for linking up last week and sharing your closet space!!



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