Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a... a... Whatchamacallit?

Let's play a game.

There's a very interesting (and unusual, according to our realtor) characteristic that our humble abode boasts. You might have noticed it in some previous photos of our newly-remodeled hallway. Here it is again:

So, what do you think this watchamacallit is?

10 points to the person who guesses correctly! Have any of you ever seen one of these before? I'm interested to see ya'lls guesses (I'm sure there will be some interesting ones!), and if this is as specially-uncommon as the realtor lead us to believe -- or not. So, let's hear it!
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  1. That's too funny because I kept looking at the pictures of the hallway wondering what the heck that thing was! I thought about writing another comment asking, but decided maybe it was a display case of some sort. It looks to me like something you could open to see into another room, like a window into the kitchen??? Just a guess.

  2. I'm really curious as you know!!! Some kind of dumbwaiter laundry chute?


  3. I noticed it in some other pictures and was always curious.....I'm going to guess it's an oddly placed cabinet/storage place

  4. It looks like it opens like shutters. Does it look into the kitchen?

    Oh, okay, here's my guess. Do you pass food through it from the kitchen towards the dining room?!

    Okay, that sounded lame...

    I have no idea. Is your house 2 story? Can you drop laundry from it? ;)

    If you don't like it and it's useless maybe you can just rip it out and add new sheetrock and cover it up.

  5. Haha, oh this is too funny! I am LOVING all the guesses!

    @Sarah - Sorry, I can't give you a hint as to what room might be on the other side of the wall - that would give it away!

    @Allison - Yes, the house is 2 story...

    Keep those guesses' coming! ;)


  6. Chelsea, my best guess is a clever pass-through of some kind--though I am not sure to or from where. Or maybe an effective way to create a breeze between the front and back of the house? I think keeping these strange quirks in our houses deepens the storyline, just in case you run out of things to talk about.

  7. My guess is either it is a pass through to the kitchen, but I don't remember seeing anything like it in your kitchen remodel photos.
    So I'm going to guess it's a way of putting knick knacks on a shelf, and then opening them as some sort of display into the living room?

  8. Or does it lead into your basement stairway? Like something to put knick knacks on a staircase?



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