Friday, March 19, 2010

Where in the world are the Magruders?

Or rather, where were we?

View of the strip from our hotel room

Vegas, baby! Oh yes, we decided to kick-start Tom's Spring Break with a little vacation to a tiny oasis in the middle of the desert. We spent a few days there with some great friends and had a fabulous time. It was pretty much a first-time trip for the both of us - me going as a kid doesn't really count, as I don't remember such things as the girlie trading cards littering the ground. Hmm, I think "girlie" is too tame a word to use for those...

So we partied, we relaxed, we gambled, we had a fantastic time. We saw two shows, and ohmygosh - they were spectacular! We saw the Cirque du Soleil Mystere show and then we saw Le Reve. Both were incredible - they were indescribable.

The stage for Le Reve, 360 degree seating with a 27 ft. pool of water

We stayed at the Wynn, one of the newer hotels on the strip. I tell ya, I loved everything about our room - 51st floor with a view of the entire strip, high ceilings, huge windows with electronic curtains, recessed can lights, art prints, marble-tiled bathroom complete with flat screen TV and double sinks with a glass shower and vanity. Incredible. Almost makes me want to buy a condo in Vegas. Almost.

The entrance/lobby area inside our hotel

There were the most beautiful mosaic floor tiles

The casino at the Wynn

Our hotel bathroom = my dream bathroom!

The sunset over Vegas, as viewed from our hotel room

We even met a couple minor celebs - like the man who wrote Full House and his wife, who has played some small rolls in shows such as ER.

The fountain show at the Bellagio

We soaked up the sun by the pool - and enjoyed the best pina coladas I've ever had.

It was a wonderful vacation, although now I feel like we need to take another vacation just to recover from this one! Anyone up for a trip to Florida?

And while the room we stayed in was beautiful, and I loved using the bathroom vanity to style my hair and do my makeup like a normal person for once (our bathroom at home is too tiny - I do my hair and makeup in our small bedroom instead), as Dorothy puts it - "There's no place like home." Sure enough, we are glad to be back -

- and are already busy planning/beginning our next project: granite tiled kitchen countertops. In fact, we've already disconnected our sink and spilled water everywhere. Big oops! Perhaps I should make a future post about what not to do when beginning a tiled kitchen countertop project! I'll be dishing more on our mistakes, obstacles and triumphs later, when the project is (hopefully) well under way. So be on the lookout for more updates of our current adventure soon!


  1. Looks like a great time - makes me want to go to Vegas right now!

    Good luck with the countertops!

  2. Wow what a trip! Sounds like a fun time!

    I can't wait to read more about the granite tiles! My parents went the same route since a large slab of granite is much more expensive and they have a HUGE island that would cost a fortune to have made. Their tiled granite countertops are black with little golden flecks in them that sparkle in the sunlight. So pretty! I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  3. Thank you! A vacation was definitely what we both needed. :) The countertop project is currently underway (we're so excited!), and I have tons to dish on - I can't wait to type it all up!

    Sarah - wow, your parents' countertops sound beautiful! Granite tile is much more affordable than a slab, and the material cost is very similar to that of new laminate. Although it's probably more expensive if you count man-hours worked on it... but it still comes out much more affordable than a slab. Love it! I'd also love to see your parents' granite tiles - ours don't have any large flakes, just lots of tiny little ones, they almost seem to sparkle in the light. :)


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