Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Improvement Bug

Yup, we've got the Spring Cleaning bug... but rather, for us, it's the Spring Improvement bug - in both the virtual and real worlds. So I've cleaned up the blog a little, because I am always looking for ways to improve the function and ease of use of This Fresh Fossil blog. And while that means I am constantly recategorizing, tagging, and rearranging the posts so they may be easier to find and navigate to, it's Spring and I felt a little need for some more organization on here (and I think Jen over at IHeartOrganizing also inspired me, too!).

During the Design Update, where I updated with a more functional redesign to the blog, I also added the pages across the top, which are broad categories that you might find useful. Home, About Us, House Tour and Contact Us are all main categories of this blog. You could think of them as the main highways of this blogtown.

Other smaller, subcategories (think of them as the smaller roads), I've added to the sidebar on the left. The two newest ones are the Rooms in Progress section, which contains photos of the various In-Progress Rooms we are currently working on, and each room photo links to all the posts regarding the updates and projects of that particular room. So, if you were wondering what what've done to the Guest Bedroom for instance, all you'd have to do to find all the posts regarding that room is to just click on the photo of it. Pretty easy, huh?

However, I also thought that, should anyone wish to find a certain project we've done, it should be easy and simple to do so, rather than having to go each post one-by-one in each room (or maybe finding it via the House Tour page). So I created the Projects section over in the left sidebar. Here you will find all the projects, categorized by room, that we've tackled throughout our house. You will also find all the Ongoing Projects we are working on. Everything is now much easier to find and navigate through, thanks to that handy new section.

We have some big plans this weekend, which mostly involve getting alot further along on our Kitchen Countertop Project, but we also hope to add a few more links to that little Project section over there (more on those projects later!). And we're not the only ones who will be working this weekend. Nick and Cindy over at The Flipping Couple are going to be busy bees this weekend, too, working on their bathroom. It seems Spring Home Improvement Fever is catching right now in Blogland.

Our adventure with asbestos tiles during our Basement Remodel.

How about you? Are there any new projects you're planning to tackle this Spring or even this weekend? Has the warmer weather and sunshine got you itching to freshen things up, inside or out? Or will you just be taking it easy this weekend (or Spring!), possibly lounging in your hammock with a good book and enjoying the beautiful weather? We'd love to know!

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  1. Love the masks! Very chic! :)

    What AREN'T we planning on doing this spring? As usual, we're in over our heads and have our work cut out for us. Looking forward to it, though!



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