Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Bedroom Remodel

Okay, it's time to show off our guest bedroom remodel. This is possibly the biggest before and after of all the rooms in our newly purchesed home. This room, located in the basement off of the main area, started off with different colored walls - white and red, dirty knotty pine wainscotting, and black shag carpet that was placed directly over old tiles with no padding - and it was not secured at all (it would slip and slide over the tiles when you walked on it).

Here's the eyebrow raising what-were-they-thinking before shot:

And here's our after shots:

The guest bedroom is light and airy and welcoming now. In the afternoon, sunlight streams in through the windows. We love that this bedroom has one full sized window which helps it feel less like a basement and more like part of the rest of the house. The process and breakdown of what we did for this room is the same as that for the rest of the basement living area, with the addition of installing two new doors with brushed nikel hardware.


  1. Wow! That looks amazing! Even though we stayed there in August when we visited, seeing it through the camera's eye, and with some new looks and changes, it has a totally different feel. Very fresh, and so light and airy it definitely doesn't look like a basement. By the way, the gigantic super-boob tube is awesome!! All yal need is a popcorn machine to complete the movie theater feel! =)
    Keep the blogs coming, this is so fun!!!!

  2. this room looks awesome chelsea! I've been going through and looking at some of your old posts, and this room looks so different (and so much better)! Love the new look and love the blog!

  3. Thanks everyone! This room is one of the biggest transformations in the house, for sure! I can't say I'll miss the black shag carpet...


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